#MichED Chat 8/13/14

#michED Visual Challenge

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

This week we will have a conversation on the future of your Personal Learning Network.

This week #michED will kick off the school year with a pic smackdown. Each topic below will represent an opportunity to post a visual vignette that goes along with a topic. Feel free to be a little crazy. After all, it’s still summer.

Lastly, welcome back! Looking forward to the start of another great year! #michED is incredible!!!


- Celebrity you would most like to visit your classroom, and why.

- Top reason why your first day lesson plan will knock it out of the park.

- Top reason why your first day lesson plan will crash and burn.

- If your classroom could be described with a movie line, what would it be?

- Who is your favorite Twitter personality, and if they were an animal what would they be?

- What does #michED mean to you?

The #MichED Chat Team