New Arrival and Dismissal

For increased student safety and social distancing

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

To reduce the number of students who are around each other, students will go directly to their classroom upon arrival. Please do not drop off students before 7:30 AM. At the end of the day, students will be dismissed directly from their rooms instead of going to the cafeteria to wait with all other children. This means we need your help! Below are our procedures for picking up your child. Please do not walk up to the doors of the school to pick up your child when children are exiting the building.

Car Riders will be dismissed at 3:00 PM: Everyone must remain in their cars. Parents will not be able to walk up to the back door and show their cards. The K-2 students will arrive and be dismissed in front of the building. The 3rd-5th students will arrive and be dismissed in the back circle drive. Older students who have siblings in K-2 will enter and exit with their younger brother or sisters.

Bus Riders will be dismissed at 3:00 PM: The buses will pick up and drop off in the back in front of the gym.

Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:15- We ask all parents who walk to school to pick up their children to wait at the crosswalk 6 feet away from others. The playground will be closed starting at 3:00 PM. Do not wait on the front porch, the sidewalk, or the playground.

MAP for Arrival and Dismissal Information

It is very important that everyone follow social distancing guidelines. Adults who are walking students to school in the morning or walking to pick them up in the afternoon must stop off-campus at the crosswalk. The only exception is kindergarten students who do not have siblings at the school. Parents may walk the kindergarten child to the sidewalk by the playground in the morning. A school employee will meet you to take the child into the school. At the end of the day, the kindergarten teacher will walk kindergartners to the crosswalk and identify the parent/guardian before releasing the child. If we do not see the parent at the crosswalk, we will bring the child back to the school to call the parent. This is for the safety of everyone. Thank you for your understanding.
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The first week of school, we will use the car tags from last year and call names using a walkie talkie. If you no longer have your tag from last year, or you are new to George Elementary, we have a list of all students. Be ready to show your ID. New tags we will be given to students on the first day they come to school. After that time, all parents must use the new tags. Each child has his/her own name and individual number on each tag. We cannot group students who are riding together on one tag because the student's names will display in each teacher's classroom. All parents or guardians must display the new car tags when they enter the school driveway. Please put them on your visor so our person sending numbers to the classroom can see them easily. Keep it up all the way around until you exit the campus. Each child will be given two car tags. Starting the second week of school, we will only be using our new PikMyKid car tags like one in the picture below. ANYONE WHO COMES TO PICK UP A STUDENT WITHOUT THE NEW CAR TAG MUST PARK AND WAIT UNTIL A SCHOOL EMPLOYEE CAN CHECK YOUR ID AND GO INSIDE TO PRINT A NEW TAG FOR YOU. All employees will be working the dismissal line, so they may not be available right away to go get a new tag for you. This will delay the time it takes for you to pick up your child, so please remember your tags.

Remember our Grade Level Welcome Back Drive Through Events This Week!