MOMS Club® of Buckingham North

December 2015 Minutes for Moms

Message from the President

It's that time of year again! (already?!) Ready or not, it's time to start preparing for the holiday season. Decorations are starting to pop up everywhere, neighborhoods are looking festive, stores are bustling and kids are already getting excited. Watching the excitement on the their faces and how magical everything seems to them is definitely my personal favorite part of the season. It puts a smile on my face every time their eyes light up. My kids love seeing all the holiday lights, particularly Peddler's Village. I highly recommend packing the family up and driving over to Peddler's Village to walk around at night. There are lights everywhere and it's beautiful! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

December Birthdays- Happy Birthday!!


9th - Kari Borowiecki

11th - Hallie Torrell-Saxena

15th - Stephanie Grossman


2nd - Matteo Vecchione

2nd - Jacqueline Serban

11th - Priya Bulsara

15th - Alessia Vecchione

23rd - Ella Manelski

26th - Lexi Reinert

27th - Fiona St. George

Upcoming Events

Here are our upcoming events for this month:

December 3rd: Holiday Party at the Bucks Club 7-10 pm
December 10th: Members Social and Cookie Exchange 10 am-12 pm
December 15th: Barn Nature Center 10-11:30 am
December 16th: Playdate with a speaker 9:30 - 11am
December 21st: Library playdate 10 am
December 28th: Rebounderz 10 am - 12 pm Toddler time (age 1-5)
December 30th: Chick-Fil-A Lunch/Play 11 am

Past Events

We had a great month! We had a guest speaker at our member's social- Dr. Spencer Grossman gave us some great tips and information about caring for our teeth! We had an outing to Giggleberry, Little Pod, the Children's Museum, Central Bucks Gymnastics and Kids Castle. We even did some pottery painting!

Save the Date for the Snowman Party!

We are going to have our annual "snowman party"! It will be held at Robyn's house on Friday January 15th at 7:00 pm. Everyone brings a drink of choice, appetizer or dessert to share and a wrapped "snowman" themed item (winter, not Christmas) around $20. We will have a Yankee Swap- Everyone goes home with a fun new item! LOTS of fun and laughs at this event!! Please say you will come!

New Member!

Please welcome Emily Kiernan and her daughters Ella (8.5 yo), Grace (5.5 yo) and Kate (3.5 yo) to the club. Emily was referred to us by Cathy Patterson-Thanks Cathy! When she is not busy with her daughters, she volunteers at school. Emily enjoys cooking, walking/staying fit, eating out, spending time with her family and is interested in joining a playgroup for her 3.5 year old daughter Kate. She can be reached at We look forward to getting to know you, Emily!


Did you know that our club chapter has a Facebook account? We would love to start utilizing our Facebook page more! Feel free to post any questions or community events going on, recommendations (ex. handyman or car repair shop you really liked) child rearing tips, recipes, etc. We will be posting questions and ideas on there as well- we would love to hear from you! Look us up on Facebook and send a friend request: Moms Club Buckingham North.

Craft Ideas

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Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Commitee is in place to help out fellow moms of the club if the need arises, by arranging meals or support from other members. So if you know of a MOMS Club member who is expecting a baby, has a long-term illness, or is in need of meals or support from other members, please contact Stephanie at:

Board Members

Kellie Horvath

VP of Administration:
Leslie McGrady

VP of Membership:
Noel de la Pena

Erin Leber

Joy McDonough


Primary Coordinator
Cara Borian
249 Atlantic Ave.
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 927-9129

Secondary Coordinator
Erin Fischer
508 Bentley Court
Exton, PA 19341
(610) 280-0330

Conference Coordinator
Nadine Young

“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!” - D.M. Dellinger

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