Hudson Hawk Band Updates

Week of 2/6/2023

Drop-off Procedure Changes THIS WEEK ONLY

Both Mrs. Becker and Mr. Urban will be attending the Texas Music Educators Association annual convention this week on Wednesday-Friday. Students will still be playing in class and will have a substitute for those 3 days. We will have student-led classes/rehearsals with detailed lesson plans for our student leaders. As a reminder, students who receive a negative behavior report from the substitute will be removed from the spring trip list.

Because we will not be on campus, students will not be allowed to enter through the band hall door before school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning. (The only exception to this is Wind Symphony trumpets on Wednesday morning for sectionals and private lesson students.) The band hall doors will be closed and locked - both the exterior and interior doors. Students will be able to enter the band hall to put their instrument away before 1st period, once the bell rings to release students from the gym or cafeteria at 8:44am. The after school procedures are normal - students may come get their instrument after school and leave from the exterior band hall door to be picked up in the back of the school.



There WILL be rehearsal this Monday for the Select Beginner Band. Rehearsal will be from 4:15-5:15pm and students should be picked up from the back of the school at the end of rehearsal. Depending on how this rehearsal goes, we may decide to extend future rehearsals by an extra 15 minutes - we will keep you posted!


Sectionals for Honors Band will continue this week. The sectional schedule for Honors Band can be found here. Wednesday and Thursday HONORS BAND sectionals will be cancelled this week. Monday and Tuesday sectionals will happen as normal for HONORS BAND.


This week we need to make sectional changes due to Mrs. Becker being gone at the TMEA convention. Clarinets will have sectionals on Tuesday morning at 7:55am and Trumpets will have sectionals on Wednesday morning at 7:55am. All other sectionals this week will be cancelled. Thank you for being flexible this week as we prioritize portions of our UIL music that need the most work.

Sectionals are required for all students in both Honors Band and Wind Symphony. Grades are given for attendance and playing tests given during sectional time. Please do your best to arrange appointments outside of sectional days whenever possible. Thank you so much for your help with this!


Since Mrs. Becker will be gone to TMEA on Friday, we will NOT have jazz band rehearsal after school on Friday. However, you will receive 2 new tunes on Tuesday and are expected to look them over before our next rehearsal next Friday, February 17.

Spring Trip Contract EXTENSION

On Friday, May 12, we will be taking the ENTIRE band on an optional trip to the Sound Post Music Festival and Splash Kingdom Waterpark. This trip is an extra expense - it is $25 per student in addition to regular band fees. Students in all classes (except 1st period trumpet/sax class) received the trip contract on Friday in class. There are multiple requirements and behavior expectations that must be met to attend the trip. All students who wish to attend the spring trip must return their signed trip contract with at least a $5 deposit by this Tuesday, February 7.

See this link for the list of students who earned a free trip by raising $150 or more on our PAT fundraiser.

Parents who wish to join us on the trip as a chaperone must fill out this form. There are only 24 chaperone spots available, so please fill out this form ASAP if you wish to join us.


Advanced Band students should have received a solo to work on before the winter break. They will all participate in the Solo Contest at Austin Academy on Saturday, February 25th.

This performance is mandatory and each student will receive 2 test grades - one for their performance on the day of the contest and one for their preparation with the piano accompanist prior to the contest. Each student will perform their solo with a piano accompaniment and will have 2 opportunities to practice their solo with the accompanist the 2 weeks prior to the contest. They should be spending the majority of their practice time working on this solo.

Students who are academically ineligible (based on the Quarter 2 report card) are not allowed to perform at the contest. Instead, they will have a makeup performance at Hudson the week of March 6 (exact date TBD).

Piano Rehearsal Schedule Link HERE.

There are 2 tabs on the linked document - one for woodwinds, and one for brass & percussion. Please note the 2 dates your student will have a piano rehearsal. For those who have a rehearsal scheduled at a time of another class period, we will work with those teachers to have the student come to the band hall for their rehearsal.

HB & WS Side-by-Side Rehearsals

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 4:30-7:45pm

3901 Miles Road

Sachse, TX

Honors Band will walk to Sachse HS just before the end of the school day to rehearse with the Sachse Wind Symphony on our UIL music. Their rehearsal will take place from 4:30-5:45pm. We will feed the Honors Band pizza following their rehearsal and they will need to be picked up from the FRONT OF SACHSE HS at 6:00pm.

Wind Symphony will eat at Sachse HS at 5:30pm and will rehearse from 6:00-7:45pm. We will not walk over together - WS students need to arrive on their own to SHS at 5:30pm for dinner (and don't forget your instrument/music). They will rehearse with the Sachse Wind Ensmeble on our UIL music and need to be picked up from the FRONT OF SACHSE HS at 7:45pm.

These Side-by-Side rehearsals are required and a test grade will be given for the students' attendance and rehearsal etiquette during the rehearsal.

A Word About Braces

We know that many of our students will need braces during the course of their middle school years. Every band instrument can be played with braces, however, it is a big adjustment that often takes weeks or months for the student to feel "back to normal" once they get them. As you are scheduling this big change for your student, please be mindful of the band performance calendar to help our students be able to perform their best this semester.

February 25 - Advanced Band solo contest

March 6-7 - HB & WS Pre-UIL Evaluation

April 4-5 - HB & WS UIL Evaluation

April 22 - Beginner All-Star Band Audition

April 27 - WS Peak Festival

May 6 - Beginner Solo Contest

May 12 - Spring Festival for All Band Students

May 13 - All-Star Band Clinic/Concert

May 17 - HMS Bands Spring Concert for All Students

Winter Practice Challenge

We gave out a Winter Practice Challenge sheet just before the holiday break. The students are tasked with practicing for at least 20 minutes for 62 of the 77 days on the page. If they meet the challenge, they will be invited to a pizza and board game party the week before Spring Break. Parents must initial each snowflake (day) that they practice and all forms must be turned in on Monday, March 6th.

Find a copy of the Winter Practice Challenge form here.

School-Owned Instrument Usage Fees

If your student is using a school owned instrument (or is a percussionist), the school-owned instrument usage fee has been added to your student's Charms account. Woodwind and Brass players will now see a fall and spring fee for $25 each, or $50 for the whole year. Percussionists will see a fall fee for $25.

Oboes, bassoons, bass clarinets, tenor saxes, bari saxes, French horns, euphoniums, tubas, and the few students who play a different instrument that is owned by the school will see that fee now and can pay it by cash, check (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), or through Charms (using Paypal).

This fee was originally supposed to be paid in Skyward, but we are adjusting the process for ease of charge and payment.

If you have any questions or have any issues logging in to Charms to check on fees, please let me know and I am happy to help!

Spring Band Fees

Spring band fees are due on February 17th. Please check your student's Charms account to see balances due and to make payments via Paypal. You can also send checks (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), cash, or pay via credit card through our band website. If you choose to pay with a credit card through the band website, please use HawkBD2223 as the password.
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Repeat Information

Advanced Band Supplies

Please make sure your student in the Wind Symphony, Honors Band, or Symphonic Band have their required supplies for this year. We are using the Foundations for Superior Performance book in all band classes and many students do not yet have the book. We are also beginning to work on tuning and if your student does not still have their tuner/metronome from beginner band, they will need one ASAP.

BAND App Links

Because our band has grown so big, we can no longer use Remind. We have reached the maximum participants in multiple classes and do not have space for more unless we upgrade our account (which costs more than we wish to spend). We will be switching messaging services to the BAND app (which the Sachse HS band also uses) to align our cluster. Please sign up for the appropriate class(es) for your student. We will NO LONGER be using Remind, so if you were just signed up for band, you will not need that app/number any longer. Thanks for understanding!

22-23 ALL HMS Band Students/Parents

Beginner Band

Symphonic Band

Honors Band

Wind Symphony


Private Lessons Filling Up

Our private teachers are THE BEST and their schedules are starting to fill up. If you are going to sign up for private lessons, DON'T WAIT - TURN IN THE ENROLLMENT FORM ASAP.

The single biggest investment you can make in your student's musical advancement is signing them up for private lessons. Return the private lesson enrollment form to get your student started ASAP. Lessons are $20 each week and the fee is paid directly to the instructor.

Band Fees

Because our school band budget is so small, we have to charge a band fee so that we can provide the best music education experience for all our band students. This band fee covers all instructional materials (band binder and all its contents), band shirt, contest entry fees, solo accompanist fees, performance music, music theory subscription, transportation, meals before performances, incentive days, and so much more. We set up our band fees to be collected up front (or split into payments), so that we are not constantly asking for $5 here, $7 there, etc.

This year, you can pay band fees through cash or check (made out to Hudson Band Boosters), Paypal through Charms (watch this video to walk you through the Charms system), and for the first time - credit card through the band website. Visit the band website and enter the password HawkBD2223 to enter the secure page and pay online. Please consider adding the optional donation to your cart to cover the credit card fees we incur using this convenient service.

If you have a financial hardship, please communicate with us so we can help you. We never want a student to be unable to participate due to finances and will do everything we can to work with your family and ensure your student is included.

Log in to Charms

Please take a moment this week to log in to Charms.

Log in as a parent/student/member

The school code is hudsonsoundmachine

The password for first time users is your student's GISD ID number (should be 6 digits)

For non-first time users, your password should be your student's ID with their capitalized initials in front (i.e. HB123456) unless you've changed it to something else.

Please update contact information (add adults as necessary), check your student's birthday ID, instrument, etc. and make changes as necessary. If you have questions or have difficulty logging in, please contact Mrs. Becker.

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