The Ogallala Is Drying Up

By Emerson Welsh

Info on Water

There are a lot of important resources that all life need to survive, and water, is the most important one of all. From images and other research done by people, you can tell that Earth has a massive percentage of water on it. But, a lot of that water is mostly saltwater, and that is not ok for people to drink. It has too much salt in it for people to drink, it can be harmful or even deadly. There is a lot of saltwater, but the freshwater supply on Earth is very little standing at 2% freshwater. Most of this water is frozen in ice caps and glaciers, and out of that 2%, 1% of that is out of reach to humans. The freshwater is mostly used to feed the world population. Smaller amounts of this water is used for household needs and industrial workings and processes. The amount of freshwater is going down so fast because the worlds population is increasing faster than the water can regenerate. The more people that come to Earth, the demands for water went up, and more water has to be used. The Earth does not have an unlimited amount of freshwater. Many other sources that Earth used to have dried up because of overuse. Also, water is being wasted because of leaking faucets. Our water is also being polluted by human waste and other chemicals that harm water. And, in some places, this pollution can cause death. Burning fossil fuels will have a major effect on the environment and the water. The chemicals released into the water can cause global warming which causes bad weather events. Also, in certain places, this global warming is causing droughts, which lead to animal and human death. Countries are now beginning to fight over water rights. Water is a basic necessity for all life on Earth, and if all this continues, what will life be like later in the future.

Water is the most important resource for life.

Earth is made up of a lot of water, but 98% of that water is salt water, which is not good for people to digest. And, standing at 2% is freshwater, but 1% out of that 2% is out of reach to humans, frozen in ice caps and glaciers. Water is not only used for drinking, but is also used for agricultural reasons and work.


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The image above shows where most of the drought is located in the mid-west. A lot of this is in the middle of these states shown. The darker the red/yellow the color gets, the bigger the drought and vice versa.


The Ogallala is Being overused and drained

Farmers are overusing the aquifer and draining it to fast. People are taking water from it faster than it can regenerate. Droughts are now showing up where the ogallala is dried up. There are a lot of wells that are draining to much water, and some of those wells start to dry up of the years.


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The image above shows where the ogallala is spread out across the states. Most of it is in Nebraska, but most of the drought is in Texas.

Common Effects

Droughts are happening and killing crops. Less rain is falling which is killing crops also. And destructive weather events are happening and once again, killing crops. Earthquakes and droughts are also killing humans. The water in the aquifer is also being polluted by harmful chemicals and fertilizers. These chemicals seep though the ground and infect the water. Also some sea water is leaking in to the aquifer and polluting the water with salt and ocean water.

Posible Solutions

Get rid of the wells that drain the water and let the aquifer replenish its water. Rely on rain water and don't use so much from the aquifer. To pass the time, we will have to filter a lot more ocean salt water, at least that will keep is hydrated while we wait for the aquifer to regenerate its water back. Or if all else fails, we will have to find a new water source that will help us survive without the aquifers help.
Largest aquifer Ogallala at risk of drying up