Why are Planets Different Colors?

By Finley Alexander


I wanted to know why the planets are different colors because I was curious on what gave the planets their color. I wanted know why each planet has a different color.

How do we know this?

We know what the planets’ surfaces and atmospheres are made of using different methods. For planets like Mars and Venus, man-made robots were sent to study the surface of those planets. For gas-giants, such as Jupiter, atmospheric probes have been dropped into the planets.

Scientists also use a tool called a spectrometer. A spectrometer is a tool that take a signal from the object they are looking at. Most spectrometers use light and work like a prism. They are able to separate colors which then are matched to different elements.


The planets’ colors are based how their atmosphere and landscape absorb and reflect sunlight. The color also has to do with what elements their surface and atmosphere are made of.