LGBT Injustice In Iran

By Phillip, Will and Jamie

What Injustice Are We Protesting?

The injustice that we are protesting against is how Iran is extremely against the LGBT community, and often executes members of the LGBT community.

Members of the community are often imprisoned, punished and executed. Men are more punished than women. Government officials who are supposedly protecting them are treating them unfairly and saying that homosexuality is a disease. It is also illegal to “promote” homosexuality.

“It (Iran) is one of only seven countries worldwide that retains the death penalty for consensual same-sex acts”

What are the goals of the protest?

The goals of the protest are to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter, or that it shouldn’t matter to others if you are part of LGBT community. It is also that members shouldn’t be ridiculed or harassed and how all people are equal, no matter their sexual orientation, and should not have to live in fear within the borders their home country. We are also trying to raise awareness about the LGBT community.

What are the tactics or strategies that we would use?

There are speeches and mass protests throughout the country that talk about LGBT rights. Tons of people come these events, and they are a great way to spread awareness of the LGBT community. This is one of the best and most used strategy. Spreading awareness in anyway makes a huge impact, and there are many other ways that they use. The similarities between all these protests is that they are all peaceful, just like Gandhi’s protests.

Are the protest effective?

In the Iranian government, they haven’t done anything to change the laws against the LGBT community. There is still a strong discrimination against them. In the past year many LGBT men have been executed. But slowly people are becoming people and showing awareness for the LGBT community and hopefully they will achieve equality soon.