by adam radtke

Properties of this book include:

  • written by William C Dietz
  • 341 reading pages long
  • science fiction/realistic fiction
  • based on the award winning game


This is a first-person account of the battle of the planet Halo, switching through the views of spartan_117_MASTER_CHIEF, Foehammer, officer Jenkins, Yayap, 'Zamamee, and some others.


The SPARTANS were an army of genetically engineered solders originally made to rule over humanity. Taken from their parents as children, they were tested on, they were lab rats. Before the creator of the SPARTAN program, Halsey, was arrested for her crimes against humanity, the Covenant aliens attacked, and the SPARTANS were put into action. Halsey was recognized as a hero, not as the want-to-be-dictator she had designed the SPARTANS for. The SPARTANS were then recruited for interplanetary battles and war, they were taken from their parents, stripped of their dignity, and made to be a virtually different species than man itself, unrelatable. Among them was a remarkable solder, S117, known by his friends as John. Then a very large attack by the covenant required earth to send in the SPARTANS. but after a nuclear blast, due to upgraded armor, there were only a handful remaining, attempting to leave the planet, all but one was killed in the struggle, and that was John, and because he was the only SPARTAN-IV left, he was named THE MASTER CHIEF.

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Summary of the book

After excaping from the nuclear blast of the planet (mentioned in the last paraghraph), spartan_117_MASTER_CHEIF was put into a frozen status abourd the pillar of Autumn to save oxygen, four years later, he was awoken by several marines and scientists to be told they were under attack, and they needed assistence. Without any weapons, the SPARTAN struggled to get to any weapons, but finding a fallen marine, he paid his respects, and disarmed the marine and took whatever supplies he had for his own. Able to get to an excape pod, he rocketted out and, with the help of his AI, found other marines, and with their help, found more, and more. Soon, they were able to mount a full attack on the Covenant, but soon, they found out they had more that the Covenant to worry about, they had THE FLOOD.


The flood are, if you need a well known example, basically zombies. There are basically three types of FLOOD. There is the infection forms, they are like little squids, they attach to your neck to control you. There is the combat form, made from the elite aliens or humans. Then there are the carrier forms, which are the lower level aliens, they just move around the infection forms from place to place.

Summary continued

MASTERCHIEF, after he has found the flood, now needs to destroy them, and find out how. When the pillar of Autumn had crashed to this planet, it was still intact (partially), and MASTERCHIEF had found the engine bay, after contacting a nearby warship the truth and reconciliation, he then buts the engines in a nuclear overload, and MASTERCHIEF and some other marines were able to escape the planet, the nuclear force of the explosion engulfed the whole planet in flames, and eliminated the FLOOD threat, for now...

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