Life on the Oregon Trail

by: ellie keane (sawyer Johnson)

Entry one

My family and I decided that we were going to have a fresh start, and head out on the Oregon trail! With hope in our hearts, Our wagon train left on April,25th. Its been about two weeks since we left and boy, my family is already in a bad mood. My two sons Billy and John entertain themselves by fighting every step of the trip, they're constantly wrestling and upsetting all the other members in the wagon train. It doesn't help that my wife, Abigail is pregnant!

Our first bump in the road came across when our wagon train leader informed us that we had to cross the Missouri river. My wife was frantic and she said we might as well just turn around. She almost got to the point where she wouldn't even get in the wagon when we were preparing to cross. Like I predicted, we crossed safely with no lost supplies. We are told that there is little to no water on the plains where we were traveling across. Good thing We brought two water barrels, and that i know how to purify water.

Entry 2

been on the trail for about four weeks now. Today poor ol' Dallas Ritter took a turn for the worst. We had to cross the Sand Flats river, and like always we didn't take the ferry, just like one other family. Little Dallas was fooling around and fell into the river. His body was swept away by the current. Sad day for my two boys because they were so close to him. We fortunately crossed the river safe and sound, and had a simple ceremony for the Ritter family.

First day of hunting today! My boys and i shot 15 pounds of deer. Not too shabby considering the situation were in. We were just too rushed and well, when we saw this little deer come around, it was our only option. We got notified that we would be taking the Barrial trail to get across the desert. Everyone is kind of on edge because we're taking this path.

Entry 3

Oh no! Today we were walking on the trail and then i feel it, a drop of water that lands on my cheek. It started as a sprinkle but then quickly turned into a down pour. Thankfully the storm blew over faster than we thought it would, however it ruined most of our food! On top of that, I woke up this morning to go put my shoes on, and I felt something a bit more painful than a bee sting. I rip my shoe off, and a scorpion crawls out! A scorpion! Thankfully it was an adult scorpion so there was a minimal amount of venom that it put in my body. I really didn't think much of it until my wife had a break down and told me i HAD to suck the venom out or else i would die, I did so and to be completely honest i don't think it did anything to help me. By the end of the day my foot was the size of a house,and i couldn't fit it into any of my shoes!

Had some time to hunt again today. I made my boys stay with my wife today because i thought that maybe if i didn't bring them it would bring some better luck. It did not, and i came back withe 15 pounds of elk and a baby daughter. My wife gave birth to our new daughter Charlotte Anne Johnson! Our wagon train didn't really think much of it, and we continued and started to cross the Cheyenne River. before we had to remove 10 bulk weight units and we forwarded the river safe and sound. But then all of a sudden we have to circle the wagons because a group of about 30 native americans start to ambush us. Luckily everyone in my family is safe, just were all still a little shook up. A little after this we had to decide what were going to take, we all decided on the massacre canyon trail.

Entry 4

More time to hunt today, and I'm really hoping a get good kill because everyone is going to have to stock up on products because of the path were taking. So our wagon train leader gave us time to hunt today. My boys were antsy, and my wife needed some time to rest, (The boys have been a bit of a handful lately) So out we went early in the morning. Thats when we see it a small to medium sized buffalo. we were extremely quiet and what do you know! soon enough we were dragging back a 40 pound buffalo!

My wagon seems to be running low on water, probably not a good sign considering we aren't that close to the end of the trail. Boy,I feel awful hot. My vision is getting blurry,and i feel light headed, I should probably go ask for he.......