Physical and Chemical Smore

By Hannah Christudass, Period 6

This is my Smore for physical property, chemical property, physical change and chemical change.

Physical Property

Definition: A characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance into something

Examples: Grass is green, Snow is cold, and cookies are sweet

Chemical Property

Definition: A characteristic that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance

Examples: Wood burning, a car rusting and coins being tarnished

Physical Change

Definition: A change that alters the form or appearance of a substance but does not make the material into another substance

Examples: Chopping wood, molding clay and changing its state of matter

Chemical Change

Definition: A change in matter that produces new substances

Examples: Burning wood, milk going sour and mixing baking soda and vinegar to make carbon dioxide

Physical Property, Chemical Property, Physical Change and Chemical Change Video