Rally for Recompence!

Remove Andrew Jackson from the Twenty Dollar Bill!

Native American Sensitivity Rally

Andrew Jackson was a terrible example of a president for the United States. On top of changing the idea of democracy in the minds of Americans everywhere, he caused huge controversy in denying the Supreme Court's decision to give immunity to Native Americans and outright evicting them from their land. Native Americans today choose not to use twenty dollar bills in silent protest of this terrible man. Help get him replaced with a better historical role model!

Rally at the White House

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 3am

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC

Bring your deepest bellows for this special rally to raise awareness for sensitivity towards Native Americans! Andrew Jackson advocated for the Trail of Tears, a cruel and unnecessary movement by the US government to relocate thousands of Native Americans from their homes in the South to back-alley land located in what was then the West. Native Americans suffered through miles upon miles of brutal conditions, violent overseers, and diminishing rations. Less than 75% of the Native Americans that set out on this journey actually made it there. Not only was this a terrible act, but he did it against the consultation of the Supreme Court. By this time in history, judicial review had become common practice, and the Court decided that Jackson had no right to remove Native Americans from their land because they were immune to state law. Jackson completely disregarded the decision of the highest court in the nation, and resolved to do whatever he felt the need to do. Andrew Jackson was a terrible role model and instilled a twisted idea of democracy within the people; a system where it's perfectly okay to deny the due process of checks and balances outlined in the constitution and have no repercussions for it. We resolve to remove Andrew Jackson from the twenty dollar bill, and replace him with a more celebrated historical figure- one that won't make history a shameful discussion for the United States.


2:50 AM to 3:15 AM - Meet up and organize
3:15 AM to 8:00 AM - Parade around the White House chanting for the removal of Jackson from the twenty dollar bill
8:00 AM to 8:03 AM - Lunch break
8:03 AM to 7:00 PM - More chanting, parading, etc. This is the last time slot planned, but feel free to stick around longer to get our point across

Andrew Jackson's Contact Information

In case you want to deal some vigilante justice. We won't judge.

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