The Beautiful Northern Lights!

By: Olivia Sinha

Red, green, blue, pink, and purple dancing in the sky. The northern lights, also known as the Aurora borealis is one of the most eye-catching things on the earth. Just imagine you staring up into the sky at god's greatest masterpiece (besides you because you are a masterpiece). Come to the northern lights and have a once in a lifetime experience!


The northern lights are so vibrant that you can see them clearly form space! The wonderful reaction that happens could range anywhere from 80-1000 km high. The northern lights appear brightest during the time of solar storms. The best time to see this beauty is either from March-April or September-October because of high solar winds. The particles in the air move in spirals creating swirling patterns in they sky. Did you know that other planets have similar sky paintings like ours?! These lights awe people every day, including people in space!


The northern lights have been around for centuries! they went back all the way to the cavemen days because they would paint pictures of them in the caves. They are created when gas particles collide in the air when the altitude is more than 50km. It only occurs when the sun's solar winds interact with the Earth's magnetic field. The colors are made by different types of gasses joining together like for example oxygen creates green or red, nitrogen creates blue or red, and helium creates blue or purple. They aren't always going to be at their greatest potential, but few viewers ever leave feeling disappointed!


There's much more to it that just the light display, you can do amazing activities while visiting the northern lights! If there is one thing you should know about the Aurora, it is that you shouldn't take a trip for the lights just in case they don't appear that night. Some fun adventures to try are skiing under the lights, tours in Alaska, and a husky ride under the lights!!! you can enjoy all these wonderful things under a sky lit up with color. So get your cameras out and capture this breathtaking view!

Husky rides, vibrant colors, and unforgettable moments all in the same spot. Prepare to be amazed at the wondrous site! I assure you spending what seems like millions of dollars on plane tickets is worth it. :)