Cell Phones

The Good. The Bad. The Rude. But banning cell phones?

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The Cell Phone. It was first invented for military purposes in the 1940's. Since then Cellular phones have been turned into way more than communication devices. People bring them into the bathroom, to special events, and restaurants. And that is when employees draw the line. Having your phone out at a table becomes a problem when you can hear the table's detailed conversation about their day at work. They argue that there can be an emergence, but we did live 100's of years without cell phone use, can we not leave them at home?

It's about manners

  • According to the 2012 state of mobile etiquette survey for Intel Corp founded that 81% of adults say that their mobile manners, are just getting worse.

  • It's not fair to employees that have to listen to tacky ringtones and private conversations when people are on their mobile

      • It can also interfere with the sales! That is what happens when people are to busy on their phones.

    • There are a few reasons for the ban: Cell phone ringer volume isn't controlled and many, many times, they have disturbed other customers, says the owner
    • Rouge24 RJ Cooper.

Cell Phone use becomes over powering.

  • In five years it is estimated that 84% of U.S. citizens will have a mobile phone.
  • Employees have reported that people are talking loudly on the phone to show off there new mobile
  • People bring them EVERYWHERE!! Do you really need to talk your phone to go to a restaurant or to the dollar store?

It may be rewarding.

  • At one restaurant in DC if you leave your phone at the counter you will get a 5% discount off your bill.
  • At V.T Deli you will receive a $3.00 fine on your bill if you fail to get off your phone.
  • Also at V.T Deli you Stack your phone in the middle of the table and whoever reaches for their phone first has to pay everyone's ( At your table"s.) bill.