with Mrs. Day


Pen or pencil

Red pen

Composition Book

Folder with pockets

Attention Grabber

Option 1

Me: Valley

You: Patriots

When you hear me say "Valley", you say Patriots and FREEZE!!!!!!

Option 2

Me: Raise hand

You: Raise your hand, STOP talking, look around to let others notice your raise hand, and become quiet as little church mice!

Class Procedures

1.) Once you've entered the class, talking is to be at a minimum.

2.) Get journal from the assigned shelf

3.) Begin warm up immediately upon entering the class.

4.) Be IN YOUR SEAT when the bell rings....not up walking around, talking with a friend about how awesome Mrs. Day is, finding your journal, asking to go to the bathroom, picking IN YOUR SEAT.....:)

5.) At the end of class, NEATLY place journal on the shelf.

6.) Wait to be dismissed by ME, not the bell.

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