The Death Cure

By: James Dashner | Project By: Andrew Campbell

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The setting takes place in Denver. Denver was once a safe place for people but later it got overrun by infected people. Thomas has to fight his way out to survive. The setting later changes to WICKED's headquarters while the rebels fight to eliminate WICKED.


The characters in this book are Thomas and Minho. Thomas is faced with many challenges and almost dies keeping you on edge. Minho is Thomas' friend. He tries to help Thomas but can't all the time.

Theme or Conflict (Summary)

Thomas just finished the Trials and had to leave WICKED. He escaped with his friends to go to Denver. He met a former Glader and plotted to eliminate WICKED with his friend’s army. Before they left Thomas got a message saying that he could cure the world and he thought that it would be good so he left to go to WICKED’s headquarters. WICKED says that the only way to do this is to remove his brain and he would die but, they will not let him leave. Does Thomas get out alive or does he die trying to get the cure and will it work?


The book was amazing I highly recommend that you read it. Just read the books before it in the series (The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials). It is very interesting and keeps you on your edge. You will never put down the book until you are finished with the book.
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