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Enroll in Casper by September 30!

It's September now, and time to enroll in Casper, the new management system for teacher iPads (and fifth grade student iPads). I will be available after school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week in the media center to help anyone who wants help with the process. I am more than happy to help you through this, but if you feel comfortable doing it on your own, you are welcome to--in fact, seven Derby staff members have already done it, so congrats! If you want to do the backup on your own and then just come for help with part of the process, that's fine, too.

Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Back up all photos, videos, files, etc. Here are directions:

**One tip not in the directions: you might want to take screenshots of the folders you have apps in, or write them down, so that it's easier to recreate your organization scheme afterwards.

Step 2: Erase your iPad and set it up as a new iPad in order to enroll it in Casper. Here are directions:

Keep your dear computer lab happy!

Tim has asked me to pass along a few suggestions for keeping our small computer lab running well:

1. Please shut down and plug in all computers and close the computer lab door if you're the last class of the day in the lab (as of now, that's Strawn on Monday and Wednesday, Cosby on Tuesday, Crockett on Thursday, and Schlegel on Friday).

2. Please unplug the big laptops if you're the first class of the day (you'll know you're the first class if you have to turn on the computers). The little laptops are old enough that they need to just stay plugged in all the time, but the big ones are fairly new, and if we leave them plugged in all the time, it will kill the we need to use them unplugged during the day, then plug them in to charge overnight.

3. Please leave the computer lab door open unless you are the last class of the day.

Laptop mishap

We had one laptop with a missing space bar and mouse buttons set aside, and I think in my rush to get everyone laptops in their classroom, I may have given it out to someone by accident. If you have it, please return it, and I promise I'll give you a better one!

Electronic Library & Discovery Education

If you haven't checked out the Electronic Library, you should: Besides having great databases for your kids to use for research, it has links to our library catalog, eBooks, and Discovery Education videos. If you've used Discovery before, please note that you now need to use the link from the Electronic Library, and you will log in the same way you log into the computer.


I'm trying my best to keep the website updated, but please let me know if you have a class website that should be linked, or upcoming events to announce, or helpful links you would like on the site. I could add just about any links you want to the Teacher Resources page or the Student Resources tab. Also, if you have any fun photos of your classes, events, etc., please share them with me so that I can post them on the website.