Ad Flyer

Tyler Distasio

Banner Ads

Definition- embedding an ad into a web page- known as a click through due to interactive actions where the consumer clicks and is taken to the banner ad's company website

Banner ads are useful because they can be seen when people first go to the page but can be overlooked or when someone scrolls down the page they may not be seen.

A new improved way to kick butt is an example of a banner ad

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Pop-up front/ under ads

Definition- ads that display in a new browser window either in the front or behind the current browser window

They are useful because everyone will see them because they go over what they are trying to view on the page but people can get annoyed with pop-ups easily.

Netflix is an example of a pop up ad

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Flash ads

definition- adding interactive elements to standard HTML sites

They are useful because they have an interactive feature to them which can cause enjoyment but they can also cause the page to load slower because they take up a larger file

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Floating Ads

Definition- move across a screen or floats above the content

They are useful because they are moving which will catch someone's eye quicker than a stationary picture but if they move too fast then they may not be seen by the person visiting the site

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Rich media ads

Definition- includes animation or video and have more complex user interaction

They can be bad because the user may need a higher speed internet service or the page will not load properly but it helps to attract attention to the ad and can cause people to click on and visit the ad more often.

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Definition- video games containing advertisments

Can be slow if person does not have a high speed internet connection. Useful because it can help bring people to a certain game site or another site if they get into the game ad that they are playing.

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