The Book I Love


By: Lillie Lightsey

A World of Thieves By James Carlos Blake

This is my favorite book in the whole wide world that I am currently reading. This book is full of action, adventure, and cruel crimes. The whole story is a heart racing adventure about a boy who was born into crime, and loves every minute of it.

I personally chose this book because I needed to read something, and my mom said, "here this is good." When the book immediately started with a bank robbery, you know you just have to find out what happens. It's sonny the young boys first gig he's the driver. The gig blows up and they have to abort, and it's Everyman for himself! Someone takes the car

and he's just left stranded. The cops began questioning him, he never gives in but they take him anyway. He ends up in one of the worlds hardest prison due to the fact he killed a cop in city prison, he has a pretty ruff time in jail they are rude, crude, cruel, nasty, and mean. They say no one makes it out only in. The first chance sonny gets he takes and makes it out with no trouble. I'm not gonna give the book away now.

I have yet to finish the book, but I am super close and chopping at the bit to finish it. Now I rarely read, and if I was ever forced to read a book I have read I would definetly choose this one! It's not a one and done kind of read!!

Something extra

I choose a quote that sums the whole story up for my extra, living life on the edge is the mentality the group of guys live by. If they didn't then there wouldn't be a story.