Mass Hysteria in Le Roy high school


an illness that is affected to more than one group of people.

This illness would be called Tourette's Syndrome or (conversions disorder) somehow this affects this group of students without any explanation. A group of 12 girls were affected by this sickness, they couldn't explain why this was happening to these group of girls.

{July/August 2012} They had conditions like ticks, (involuntary twitches) and uncontrollable outbursts. it was hard explaining why this had happened only to this group.

how this happened.

what really happened: the people believed it were train oil that spilled from 1970. It were the chemical that were the cause of this terrible incidence. A doctor from New Jersey doctor said it were from "PANDAS" an infectious auto-immune disorder, it attacks part of the brain. this can cause ticks, and Tourett's Syndrome.

Mass Hysteria in Salem

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what happens in he salem witch trials