Agribusiness Management

Future Career Project By: Justin Jaster

How Long Will It Take?

I will be going to college to earn my Agricultural Business Degree which should take roughly four years. As long as I stay on track and finish all of my work, as well as take care of business I will not have to attend college any longer.


There is no set stone on a higher degree that is needed, but since it is a business degree I do believe you are suppose to get a Master's degree. It will be hard work to achieve this degree, but with the right mind set and determination, I shall be able to accomplish my goal.

Colleges I Will Attend

Agriculture is where the heart lives


I plan to stay in Texas after I graduate and not too sure on where exactly I plan to settle in, but I know I would love to stay as close as home as possible. Finding a job and getting married will also play a huge role in what my future consists of after college so there are no set plans for now.

Ag Business

Ag Business has to deal with anything Ag related as well as dealing with business management processes. I am excited to see where this leads me in my life and can not wait for the experiences dealing with agriculture and business deals as well. This degree is a broad topic allowing me to fall into places that are versatile in the fields.

Deciding on This Career

Deciding on this career couldn't have been any easier for me. I was born and raised dealing with ag related things and these past few years have really grown a love for all things Agricultural based and couldn't find a reason not to head into the Ag field with my life.