Dangerous Pets

Are exotic animals safe to keep?

Recent Exotic Pet Incident

On Nov. 5, 2012, a 2 yr. old boy was killed by African Painted Dogs at a zoo.

Ohio Massacre

  • Terry Thompson released 56 animals in 2011
  • After releasing these animals, he committed suicide
  • 50 of the released animals were killed
  • 6 of the released animals taken to columbus zoo+park

Pet Amnesty Day

  • A ton of people release exotic pets into the wild (not a good thing!)
  • Once these animals are released, they compete for food w/ organisms living there
  • Saturday's event was the 15th AMNESTY DAY
  • Sadly, at these amnesties, most people don't go home with what was intended

Calling for Stricter Laws Against Owning Exotic Pets

  • Watch out, Texas has weak laws!
  • Resulting from owning exotic pets, a 4 yr. old was mauled by a pet cougar!
  • Many people don't know how to properly handle exotic pets
  • If the owner is inexperienced with owning exotic animals, the welfare of that animal could be at risk