Kohler Cougar News

December 14, 2015

ELA Objectives

Over this last week before Winter Break, we will continue to use our close reading strategy to analyze non-fiction texts. We will use this strategy to identify important information for our opinion writing piece as well as gain more knowledge about the Revolutionary War. We will also analyze various resources to compare perspectives and learn more about the effects of the Revolutionary War. In writing, we have been working on our opinion pieces about an historical figure of the Revolutionary War. We have already drafted our introduction paragraph. Currently we are working on the drafts of our body paragraphs (3 paragraphs-one for each reason). We will begin drafting our conclusions on Wednesday. Our final copies will be due this Friday, December 18th.

When we return from break, we will begin Unit 4, which focuses on connecting Science with reading and writing. Our objectives for this unit are to analyze change over time in characters of fictional texts as well as in science topics such as states of matter and earth systems.

Math Objective

We will continue to work on Topic 7 throughout the rest of this quarter, which is learning how to divide decimals. We will review Topic 7 concepts when we return and take our Topic 7 test during our first week back from Winter Break.

*Below is a link to our Math program. Here you and your child can access the text book electronically as well as download practice pages or homework. The students can also play games at a 5th grade level or below to practice basic skills.

Your child's username is their full name followed by the last 3 digits of their lunch number (no spaces) and their password is FHSD followed by their full lunch number (no spaces).


We will be taking our test over Week 16 words (suffix -ity) this Friday the 18th. We will continue Spelling with Week 17 (suffix -ence) the first full week back from break.

*Below is a link to Spelling City. Here your child can print copies of a list if it happens to get lost and use games and quizzes to practice their words for the week. You can also preview the list for the upcoming week. Spelling City will also say the words as well, if your child needs guidance pronouncing a word.

Home Connection


Over break, please have your child practice their basic multiplication facts as this will help with their fluency on more complex multiplication and division problems. Also, take some time to have your child practice 2 by 2 and 3 by 2 digit multiplication problems (ex 23 X 44 or 256 X 87). You can simply create problems for your child to work through or you can use a resource below to help practice multiplication.

Important Reminders and Dates

Winter Party

Our Winter Party is December 22 from 10am-11am. Parents are welcome to attend. We are still in need of treat bag donations. So, if you are able to donate any items, please send them in to class no later than December 18th. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed to our party! :)

2-Liter Bottles Collection

Since our next unit will be about Science topics, we will becollecting items for an upcoming experiment. We will be needing clear, empty, plastic 2-liter bottles to build a terrarium. Please keep an eye out for these and have your child bring them in after break. We will need at least 12 in our classroom. Perhaps, family and holiday get-togethers over break may be a great place to collect some empty, clear soda bottles. :)

Important Dates

December 18-Opinion writing piece due

December 18-Celebration Assembly (9:15-10:00 in gym)

December 22-Early Release, Sing-a-long, Winter party (10-11am)

December 23-January 5-Winter Break

January 6-Students Return

January 18-No School (Martin Luther King Day)