Caitlin Hood

Should abortion be legal ?

Abortion should be legal, because if they illegal make it then people are still going to do it but it will be unsanitary instead they should make sure that women are informed so they really know what abortion is, and then let them make their decision. Instead women should be more informed in sex ed to make sure that they have the knowledge and actually take into account what the outcome of sex can be so they make sure that if they have sex they are ready to take on the responsibility of a kid.

background information

Abortion is looked at and judged differently based on where you are, your culture and, your own personal beliefs. In India "Many activists fear that the liberal 1971 Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, which allows any woman to end an unwanted pregnancy during its first 20 weeks, may in fact end up diminishing the standing of women, since many couples, to avoid having daughters and the eventual cost of their marriages, get sex-determination tests and abort female fetuses." so there it is usual for people to have an abortion if it is a girl because then the parents will have to pay for the expensive wedding. In the U.S. it is a different story. "It arouses such passion in the United States that a few of its opponents have been spurred to commit murder. "In the us you are looked differently or judged for making the same decision that other people do but, are in a different part of the world even though in a lot of the states it is legal to have an abortion it is still not excepted that much socially.


If you cannot afford to pay for you abortion you may be in luck"Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia allow coverage of abortion in marketplace plans; 24 states do not, although many of them make exceptions in cases of rape, incest or if the mother's life is in danger, mirroring the exceptions for federally subsidized health care, such as Medicaid." certain states do realize that it is a legitimate thing that some women need to do so they help them out. There are exseptions to almost everything"Americans are highly sympathetic to the pro-choice interest in protecting the freedoms and privacy of women. But they are not prepared to follow that movement down a path of "no exceptions" to those rights." so people who are against abortions still do believe in abortions but in certain cases. A lot of unsafe abortions take place "...approximately 42 million abortions that do occur worldwide almost half are performed by unskilled individuals, in environments that do not meet minimum medical standards or both.." If abortion was made Illegal in more places this number would rise. To make the abortion process easier "Mifepristone is used in combination with other drugs to induce a miscarriage. Because it does not require surgery, the method is increasingly selected by women seeking abortions early in their pregnancies, and it now accounts for about one in four abortions nationally.""The poll of 1,009 adults, conducted by Opinion Research Corp It found: - 46 percent agreed "abortion should be legal and be the woman's choice." showing that it is a case by case on whether or not a woman should get an abortion I believe that

Counter argument

People who think that abortion should be illegal say that "... assuming that life does begin sometime shortly after or possibly at the moment of conception, a clear and conscious choice of priority becomes apparent. Priority is not something we Americans like to think about as taking a role in limiting or framing our Constitutional freedoms, but it undoubtedly does. You cannot legally end the life of another person simply because their existence makes you unhappy because their right to life takes priority over your right to happiness. In essence, the right with the greatest level of priority when two priorities are juxtaposed is the one that is more fundamental."Not everyone is ready to take care of that big responsibility because not everybody is capably to whether its health wise, money or emotionally.
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