Author Visit Coming Soon

J.E. Thompson

J. E. Thompson to visit Spearman

J. E. Thompson, a local author, will be visiting Spearman on Monday, February 8th to talk about his books and the writing process. An order form for his books was sent home last week. Please receipt the money in your rooms and then send the money to Mrs. Morgan and the order form to me (Mrs. Gambrell). Please only send me order forms if the student actually paid. Pre-orders for Mr. Thompson's books are due Friday. Books will be delivered to the students after Mr. Thompson signs them on the 8th.

Schedule for February 8th

We will be on a different schedule for our author visit on February 8th. The lower grades will have related arts in the morning, and 3rd-5th graders will have the author instead of their regular related arts that afternoon. The related arts teachers will be supervising the children for the speaker so that teachers may have their full planning time. Having said that, I would love for you to listen to the author if you can find the time because I think it would be valuable to discuss his work and how he writes his books with your students.

Read Aloud

I would love for as many of you who are willing to read Mr. Thompson's books aloud to your classes so that they can feel connected to them while he speaks. I currently have four copies of The Girl from Felony Bay, as well as an eBook copy available. I also have one copy available of Disappearance at Hangman's Bluff. Come see me if you are interested!

Author Luncheon

I am currently trying to organize a luncheon for some of our students to eat and talk personally with the author. He will be travelling from Cedar Grove that morning and may be on a very tight schedule with book signing, etc. But if it works out with our schedules, I plan to have him eat with a few of our students who have read one or more of his books. Please encourage your students to read them and take the AR tests for them, as that will be the proof of their having read. Depending on the number of students interested, I may have to draw names from a hat to see who will join us for lunch. More details about this will be coming in the near future.