5 Useful Technologies

For K-12 Classrooms

All of the apps I've described in this flyer are iOS apps, as this is what I've had the most experience with. Enjoy!

1. Blogsy for iPad

Blogs would be a great tool for a Senior High English classroom (grades 10-12). Students would keep a personal reflection blog throughout a semester, which would allow them to express themselves through creative writing and introduce them to blogging at the same time.
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2. BaiBoard

BaiBoard works in a much similar fashion to GoogleDocs. It is an app that allows a student to open a file on an iPad and edit it simultaneously with other students. This would be a great group activity tool well-suited to Grade 3-12 classrooms for any subject.
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3. Sketch2Graph

While Senior High math courses tend to rely on graphing calculators as a way of expressing a polynomial equation, this app allows students to work backwards by sketching a graph first and then discovering the corresponding equation. I feel this would be a great way to get kids to analyze a given graph sketch first, and then think of what equation it would represent.
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4. GarageBand

Anyone who has worked with a Mac computer before has probably encountered the editing program GarageBand. This app is perfect for introducing students in Junior and Senior High music courses to how a recording program operates and how it can be used to express themselves creatively. This is one of the most user-friendly music editing software programs that exist, and it is a useful tool for audio projects outside of music as well. This app would also create options for students in other courses; for instance, English classes may have a personal project that allows for musically-inclined students to express themselves through song. Being able to operate this program would prove useful to them when it comes to editing a recording of themselves.
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5. Skype

Debate is a great way for students to logically express ideas and arguments. I had several friends in High School who took part in model United Nations, and got to discuss current world issues. I think Skype would be a great way to add another element to a debate; a Senior High social studies class could connect with a class from another school and carry out a debate using this app. It would eliminate the need for physical transportation in travelling between schools while allowing students to discuss ideas with another class whose opinions may vary from theirs.
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This Smore flyer was created by Nick McCann, a student in Education 210 at the University of Alberta. You can view his ePortfolio for the course by clicking the button below.