Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Gove's Class

Friday, December 11

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Next week our PTO will be hosting a holiday shop for the kids at Price. The purpose of the shop is for students to be able to buy gifts for family members at a very inexpensive price. This is completely optional. A flyer was sent home on Monday with more information and an envelope to send money in. Checks should be made out to Republic PTO. Please let me know if you would like some help with gifts for you or your child, as we have options in place! Our class will be visiting the holiday shop on Tuesday, December 15.

We need your old puzzles!

Do you have any puzzles laying around with missing pieces? We could use them for a super secret Christmas project! If you have any puzzle pieces to donate, please send them in some time next week. Thanks in advance!
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Middle of the Year Writing Benchmark

Friday, December 18 will be a fun day in 4th Grade! We will be doing our middle of the year benchmark writing assessment. The kids will have most of the day to complete a fictional narrative, going through all the steps of the writing process (brainstorm, rough draft, revise, edit, and publish.) This is always a fun, laid back day. I encourage the kids to dress comfortably that day. I'm excited to see how far we have come as writers so far this year!

Have any old board games laying around?

Do you have any board games that never get played or are missing pieces? We would love to have them! I am looking to repurpose some old board games into games for math stations. We could use any boards or game pieces you don't want. Please do not buy new games for this!

Congratulations to Conner for being voted as Top Rocker of the month for showing Responsible Actions! (He also has really good taste in sports teams.)

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Congratulations to Myles for being honored as the Fourth Grade Artist of the Month!

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District Parent Survey

Republic School District invites parents to complete the short survey found at the link below in regards to communication efforts. Our hope is to gather your feedback which will allow us to adjust our communication methods according to your needs as a parent. It is our goal to effectively and efficiently provide you with the information you need about Republic School District. The survey will be open November 12-December 4. It is 32 questions and should take approximately 10 minutes. Thank you in advance!


Our attendance last week was 97.7%. Our weekly goal is 95.8%. There has been a lot of sickness going around but our class has remained pretty healthy. Hopefully we keep it that way!

Upcoming Dates

Next Week at a Glance...

  • Writing: We will be practicing narrative writing by writing Christmas stories. On Friday, we'll do the 2nd Quarter Writing Benchmark.
  • Foundations & Reading- We will be testing over identifying explicit and implicit information in nonfiction texts. Then, we'll be doing some close reading about Christmas lights. This is a strategy to help comprehend advanced texts.
  • Math- We will be testing over 2 by 2 digit multiplication and taking the Middle of Year Math Benchmark.
  • Content- We will be testing over Force and Motion. Yes, we are getting in all of the tests before Christmas break! We'll get to have some fun next week, though.