Panther Updates

January 4th-8th

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. Every Learner- Every Day

Don't forget to take your students to the new Art/ Music Room starting Monday the 4th for their Art and Music Class

Week at a Glance

Monday 4th- December Student of the Month Lunch with Mr. Holt (11:30-12:15- K-2 students and 12:15-1:00pm with 3-5 students), Happy Challenge Day 1- Pull a student aside to
tell them how much they have improved or how proud you are of them.

Tuesday 5th- Project Team Meeting @ 2pm, Grades Due by 4:30pm, Happy Challenge Day 2-Organize an area in your classroom that has become a bit chaotic (drawer, book case, your desk etc.).

Wednesday 6th- Jarrett TNT, Happy Challenge Day 3- Strike up a conversation with a colleague that you don’t speak to very much.

Thursday 7th- Holt out in the PM, Happy Challenge Day 4- Write a funny joke on your board for students to read when they enter your classroom.

Friday 18th- Grade Cards to be sent home today, Happy Challenge Day 5- Take a short walk during your lunch, prep period, or after school. During the walk, think about the things in your life that make you the happiest.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 at Portlandia!!!!

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ChromeBook Checkout

If ChromeBooks do not come back (are forgotten) or come back uncharged the student may not take the ChromeBook home for one week.

January Growth Plan Meetings

I am not asking you to schedule a time with me yet but letting you know that in January we will sit down to discuss your progress on your personal growth plan and the action steps you have taken thus far. We will simply set down at a table close the computer and I'll just listen to you walk me through your progress so far this year.

If you need help uploading any documents to TOWER please let me know. Some of you have had items, screen shots, anecdotal records, you have already loaded but just let me know if you need help.

LEXIA Usage Goal Window of Fame

When your students reach their weekly Lexia reading goals please send them to the office with a buddy (for supervision). Students will get to sign their name to the window of the interior doors with an expo worker. (We will clean the windows weekly)

Upload Your Classroom Photos Please

I have shared a link via Google and in the link below. Any time you take photos of your class please upload them below when you have a chance. We will use all of these photos to upload and share on our hallway tvs, at Panther Pride Assemblies, on Portland's facebook, and for our year book.

The link to our Portland Photos is below.
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