Chinese Culture and Traditions

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This is a traditional dress worn by women

Chinese Tradition

Chinese New Year is the most important time for the Chinese people. 4000 years. It celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.

Colors are red because red is good luck. they wear black because black shows negative things. White is a balance of red and black they believe they can harmonize and clean

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This is a dress worn by girl children

Chinese Medicine

A way of getting rid of the disease is medicine. The Chinese Herbal medicine is very important.
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These are Dumplings

the dumplings are Chinese traditional food
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Fengzhen noodles are traditional Chinese Food

Sports in China

Football is the most populy sport in China since in the 1900s.Ping pong is the most popular sport in China.
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Chinese people and the CP Rail

17, 000 Chinese workers came to work in BC. Chinese men worked for $1.00 a day. The Chinese people had to pay for their supplies and pay for their food. The white people didn't have to pay for their supplies and food. They had more money than the Chinese people. The Chinese people worked harder than the white people. Chinese people cleared the railway for the white people. They had to walk 40 kms to go to different destinations. They needed to return the Chinese men because it was all done. Some Chinese left and returned to China, others stayed in BC and became grocers, gardeners, cooks or servants in White households.


The Chinese believe that clipping toenails at night is bad luck. If a baby cries for no reason they believe ghosts are around.