Cavalier Newsflash

Work HARD! Dream BIG! Believe in YOURSELF! Never GIVE UP!

Volume 2 - Issue 12 - October 21, 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Cavaliers,

Congratulations to our Club TC Cavalier baseball and football team on your seasons. You represented CVM well. Although both of our teams lost in the playoffs this weekend, we are extremely proud of each player and coach for their efforts.

Thank you to Ms. Bishop, Ms. Balderas Mr. Nava and the rest of the Club TC staff for taking a group of thirty students on our annual Campus Crawl. The students visited CSULB, UCLA and USC. We hope that the "college experience" will lead to our students setting goals to attend a college or university. We will continue to highlight different colleges and universities on a daily basis through our daily college facts during the months of October and November.

Parents/Guardians, If your student gets an invitation to attend Rise-Up Friday, please encourage them to attend. Our next progress report is coming out soon, so please make sure that your student takes advantage of every opportunity offered. If you have any questions or concerns about your student's academic progress, please contact his/her teacher or the counseling center. We are here to help!

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and remember;

At CVM we work HARD, we dream BIG, we believe in OURSELVES and we never, ever , GIVE UP!

Julio C. Alcalá


Chula Vista Middle School

Cavalier Trait of the Month


When we cooperate with each other to accomplish a common goal, it's amazing what we can accomplish!

Motivational Video, Powerful Team Work! Wow!

Assistant Principal's Corner

Nutrition Break Supervision - TEAM 2!

Team 2 please be at your supervision posts this week during nutrition break.

Thank you!

Mr. Casas

From the CIS Office

School Site Council Meeting

Hello Cavalier Family

Just a reminder that this Tuesday October 22nd 2019, we will be having our SSC meeting at 3:30 pm in the Parent Center (RM 403).

Thank you!

Ms. Deyo

ELA Curriculum Corner

To students and parents,

Why is Accelerated Reader so important?

  • Allows for student choice: students can choose a book that interests them.
  • Facilitates differentiation: AR meets students where they are, and empowers them to find books that challenge them appropriately.
  • Holds students accountable for reading: teachers are able to incorporate students’ individual reading into their grade.
  • Rewards students for reading: the library offers parties and prizes to students who earn AR points. Individual teachers also offer rewards.
  • Allows students to analyze and share data about students’ reading levels, and which students are reading.

How does the AR program work?

  • Each student is given the STAR reading test, to determine their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This is the range of book levels that the student can read comfortably on their own.
  • Students are taken to the library in English class, and they choose a book on their level that interests them.
  • Books are given a point value based on their length and difficulty.
  • Students earn points by passing tests on books they have read.

Thank you!

Ms. Colleen McAllister

English Language Arts/Resource Teacher

Rise-Up Friday!

This Friday 10/25/19 our English & ELD Departments will have their Rise-Up Friday intervention. This is an opportunity for students to improve their grade by staying after school on Friday to work with our teachers to attain mastery of specific core standards.

Please make sure you take this opportunity to show mastery and improve your grade!

For the Common Good


Monday 10/21
  • AP Meeting at the PDC 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Tuesday 10/22

  • RP Advisory - Circles
  • SSC Meeting in the Parent Center @ 3:30pm

Wednesday 10/23

  • DPAC & ELAC Meeting @ 9:00am - 11:30am (PDC)

Thursday 10/24

  • RP Advisory - Achieve 3000

Friday 10/25

  • SPED Dept. Meet & Greet W/Carrie Rea & Dr. Madrigal 11:00am - 12:00pm (108)
  • Early Release - Students out at 1:25pm
  • Rise-Up Friday ELA & ELD
  • PLC Meetings (Social Science, Science, Math, SCPA, Electives)

Saturday 10/26

  • Saturday Academy (8:00am - 12:00pm)

Focus on our Mission

The mission of Chula Vista Middle School (CVM) is to ensure that each student is provided with the skills to be college and/or career ready. Therefore, it is important that our students fulfill their potential towards success. We expect students at CVM to be active learners and we encourage them to participate in our special academic support and after-school programs.

Three Pillars to Support Success

This year we will COMMIT to maintaining a school-wide focus on the following three pillars to achieve our mission:

  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  2. ELD Strategies Across the Curriculum
  3. Purposeful PLC Collaboration

We Are CVM!

Chula Vista Middle Cavaliers