The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction

April 2017

SUHSD Teacher Induction links beginning teachers with experienced colleagues to ensure student success

As of this month, our program serves a growing number of participants:
  • 258 Induction Candidates in all content areas at nearly all SUHSD school sites
  • 67 Induction Mentors representing all content areas at nearly all sites

Our Goal: Quality First Instruction

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Disciplinary Literacy Is Theme for Q3 Induction Workshops & Seminars

Candidates and mentors worked in content-specific groups to apply reciprocal teaching to complex text for the purpose of building student proficiency in academic language (specifically argument).

Student Work following Q3 Seminar Evidences Implementation of Reciprocal Teaching

Teachers in various content areas applied Reciprocal Teaching (key strategy from Q3 Candidate Seminar) to diverse texts. Thanks, teachers who shared student work: Melanie Villanueva (CVH), Melody Morris (OLH), Peter Morera (ELH), Jay Jones (NCM), and Miriam Carrasco (SUHi).

Literacy (Argument) Is A Priority in Classrooms Throughout The SUHSD During Q3

Thanks, teachers who shared your classrooms and student work: Jiji McKay (CPM), Kurt Ulle (ELM), Katherine Lopez and Margaret Macabasco (SYH), James Goodwin (BVH) and Carlos Elizondo (SUHi)

Special Education Teachers Engage Students in Reciprocal Teaching, Writing, Argument and Collaboration

Thanks, teachers who shared your classrooms and student work: Angelica Angulo (CPM), Kat Lopez & Margaret Macabasco (SYH), Anthony Leyvas (EHA) and Nick Martinson (MOH).

SUHSD Induction Canvas Course Evidences Effective Instruction on an Ongoing Basis

Induction Candidates Focus on Individual Learning Plan and Application of Technology for Equity in Fourth Quarter

Featured instructional strategy will be a structured jigsaw.

Individual Learning Plan

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Click here for slides for the Q4 Candidate Seminar
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Smart Tech Use for Equity

Alicia Johal (MVA Induction Mentor) and Melissa Rains (CPM) shared their collaborative project involving representatives from The Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment & Teaching Excellence (CREATE) at UCSD, the San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP) and Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD). Learn more about their action research here.
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Get Ready for Semester 2 Round Table!

May 22 (ELH) and May 23 (CVH) from 4-6 p.m.

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Induction Mentor Team Update

Mentor Self-Ratings Show Uptick from Q1 to Q3

Transformational Coaching Rubric (Aguilar, 2013)
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Candidate Responses to Quarterly Survey Suggest Growth

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Over 200 Induction Candidates Expected to Return to SUHSD in 2017-18 for Year Two

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Mentor Team for 2017-18 Drawn from Induction Mentor Pool

Applications for the 2017-18 Induction Mentor Pool were reviewed over Spring Break with the Induction Program's Joint Governance Panel approving the Mentor Team for 2017-18. Candidate needs (site, content area, level (MS/HS), existing relationships and other considerations) drove composition of the Team.
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New Mentors Will Participate in Orientation (April 24 or 25; May 8 or 9)

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Induction Participants Meet Math Legends at NCTM in San Antonio!

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

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