Energy and Water Conservation

Many hotels are going's how!!


To put it most simply, energy/water conservation is the act of saving energy/water, which includes energy or water related to warming something, lighting something, or just usage in general.

3 Different Green Alternatives and Explanations:

1. Use low-energy lighting. Replace tungsten GLS lamps and T12 fluorescent tubes with much more energy efficient items such as T5 tubes or compact fluorescent or LED lamps. These could help you reduce the electricity you consume for lighting by up to 80%. Furthermore, some of the newer bulb types last more than eight times longer than tungsten GLS lamps, and, as they produce less heat, they will put less strain on the cooling required from your air conditioning system.

2. Install WaterSense labeled faucets, shower heads, toilets, and flushing urinals where appropriate. These products have been independently certified to be at least 20% more water-efficient and perform as well or better than standard models.

3. Implement a building management system (BEMS,) These systems control and monitor heating, ventilation, and air condition, and can reduce total energy costs by 10% or more.

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