Cryobanks International India

Cryobanks International India: A Trusted Name for Stem Cell Banking

Stem cell banking has picked up steadily in the last decade or so. The major reason for the rising trend is attributed to the awareness created among expecting couples about preserving the excess blood of the umbilical cord.

Preserving Cord Blood Stem Cells

Since cord blood stem cells are believed to be helpful in treating a number of diseases and debilitating conditions, preserving the cells is highly beneficial from humans. Cryobanks International India, has been instrumental in providing high-quality cord blood stem cell processing and storing service for private as well as public donation purpose.

As parents you have an option of opting for public donation or private donation. The private donation is meant for securing the future of your family, while public stem cell donation is useful for recipient that matches with the donor. However, private donation does attracts some charges, public donation are free for everyone.

Reasons for Choosing Cryobanks for Preserving Your Baby’s Stem Cells

Best-in-Class Service

Cryobanks is known for providing world-class service to its patients. Some of the reasons why they are highly renowned are:

• Use of fully automated technology to minimize the risk of accidental mix up of units in purest form.

• Implements AABB and FACT accredited Swiss technology from bio-safe called SEPAX.

• They use technology to deliver higher yield of cells.

State-of-the-Art Preserving Facility

Since the facility is involved in preserving the stem cells, they have developed a state-of-the-art centers to safely store the blood cells.

• Facility complies with National & International standards.

• Their labs are cGMP, cGTP and cGLP compliant.

• Cord blood sample are processed on USFDA approved automated platform.

Globally Accredited

The accreditation earned by any company is a testimony of its good work and Cryobanks has earned recognition globally.

• Accredited by American Association of Blood Banks, USA (AABB)

• Accredited by National Accreditation Board of Laboratories (NABL)

• Accredited for compliance to cGMP for Cord Blood And Cord Tissue

In the End

Cryobanks International India has earned praises from around the globe for its amazing work in cord blood stem cell preservation.