Release Notes for Version 10.0


On Tuesday, May 28th, Fidelis launched ProcessorLink version 10.0 offering manufacturers additional self service functionality to expand on the data elements that they can configure themselves:

  • configure distributor partners and bill types per state
  • set school year extension dates for sales transactions and transfers/adjustments and specify rollover date of prior year balances as carryover in the new year
  • enable/disable multiple bank creation per customer and USDA material per state
  • define an effective date per Product Catalog product entry against which sales transactions' invoice dates are validated

The refinements were no less significant:

  • enable column headers on select reports and list views to be visible regardless of vertical scrolling
  • adapt ProcessorLink to the new styling of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10.0, a significant set of changes from prior versions
  • overhaul Product Information search and list to adhere to new Fidelis' internal standards
  • and many others...

Manufacturer Configuration - Distributor and Bill Types

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Fidelis developed an entirely new module Manufacturer Configuration through which the Fidelis support staff can maintain almost all configuration settings for each manufacturer. Of the various tabs representing major configuration areas, ProcessorLink exposes the Distributor and the Bill Type configuration tabs to those users with the ProcessorAdmin application role.

  • Distributor tab enables the configuration of a distributor with a manufacturer in a particular state and setting important attributes such as validating the distributor reported discount and External Distributor Nbr
  • Bill Type tab displays the bill types configured in each state. The bill types configured on this tab are those that display on the Product Catalog Setup for activation.

Through this new module, ProcessorLink is expanding the self service features that eliminate the need to email support for data configuration. However, we still love to hear from you!

School Year Extension Dates

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ProcessorLink now has an interface into which you can specify your company's extension of the current school year beyond June 30th. Accessible by clicking the alert located on the Home Page (see above) and via the Setup/Configuration menu, the School Year Extension Date module has three dates that a manufacturer is required to configure:

  • Load Prior School Year Sales Transactions
  • Enter Prior School Year Transfers
  • Execute Rollover
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Each manufacturer has until the end of May to specify the above information. On June 1st, ProcessorLink publishes the Load Prior SY Sales Transaction extension date on relevant distributors' Home Page in ProcessorLink so that they are aware of the deadline.

If you do not recall the dates used in the prior year's extension dates, ProcessorLink conveniently displays them next to each corresponding field for the current school year.

Define Product Catalog Product Effective Date

Given the new product proliferation due to the recently changed USDA food nutrition requirements (Thank you USDA!), ProcessorLink has introduced a configurable Effective Date in the Product Catalog Setup module. The Effective Date serves as the earliest date a distributor or manufacturer can invoice a customer for that product. Since products may be introduced during the course of a school year, the manufacturer can assign the SEPDS approval date as the Effective Date in ProcessorLink thereby preventing a shipping entity from invoicing a customer for that corresponding product prior to that date.

The ProcessorLink import processing will validate the sales transactions and fail those with invoice dates that violate the corresponding products' Effective Dates. Of course, the Resolve Failed Transaction module allows the administrator to override that validation.

Other changes...

  • Product Information module's search and list views are vastly improved with expanded feature set and adhere to the modern standards of ProcessorLink
  • Enable column headers on select reports and list views to be visible regardless of vertical scrolling
  • Adapt ProcessorLink to the new styling of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10.0, a significant set of changes from prior versions
  • Enter text in the Comments field of a Transfer record regardless if the MPR has been generated for that particular month.
  • Save the contents of the Transfer Donated Food List view to Microsoft Excel
  • View the GMR Product module for all states simultaneously and export the contents to Microsoft Excel

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