Tried, Tested, and Tranformed

From changing band-aids to Women's roles.

Creating a Legacy 1914 - 1929

The Great War brought women the opportunity to contribute to the war effort, and reveal our value to society. It was a revolutionary, you saw women working, and wearing trousers for crying out loud!

What they'll remember from the war, won't just be from the front lines.

When our men were called for duty, so were we.

Those propaganda posters weren't just made for recruiting troops. They were asking us to serve our country too! They were quite persuasive too, with a high pay, and promise of adventure. Who could say no?

Nursing Sisters

We were called to serve our country, just as our men has. Even back at home, women had to take over, and we did. We did it just as well as you did.

We have a voice and I think it's time that all woman has a chance to speak.

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It's funny to look back and see how much has changed from only 15 years ago! I think the Great War really made people look at us women differently and I'm glad that our efforts were recognized.