Fashion Magazine Editor

Works with trendy clothing, photographers, and models

Job Description

Fashion magazine editors oversee the creation of fashion orientated content for a media outlet such as a magazine. They are responsible for deciding the creative influence and direction that their department will pursue during a given season or issue. They are responsible for supervising the writers while they create and present content of their specific section of the magazine.

Climb your way up to the top

Careers in Fashion : How to Become a Fashion Magazine Editor

Job Outlook

In his book "The Magazine," Leonard Mogel suggests that the annual pay range for an editor is $42,000 to $93,000. For an editor-in-chief, this rises to $64,000 to $102,000. A 2006 survey by "Folio" magazine states the lowest-paid editor-in-chief salary is $25,000 and the highest $275,000 on a consumer magazine. For well-known magazine editors such as the "New York Post" editor Col Allan, who made $600,000 and "Vogue" editor Anna Wintour earned an estimated $2 million.

Education Needed

The majority of fashion editors have bachelor of arts degrees in journalism, fashion design or merchandising. Many complete internships at fashion publications. Next, they may work as production assistants at television shows or writers at magazines before being promoted to assistant editor or fashion editor.

Similar Occupations

Similar jobs in the field can be fashion photographers, stylists, models, and fashion designers.

Average Hours

Most magazine editors work typical 40-hour weeks, but these hours can be extended when under deadline.

Working Location(s)

A fashion magazine editor usually works indoors. They could be at the office, attending runway shows, doing run through's, making media appearances etc.