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Gifted & Talented Workshop June 2 in the Curriculum Office!!!

Region 7 Education Service Center will be sending a representative to conduct a Gifted & Talented Workshop in the Curriculum Office on June 2 from 9 am to 4 pm. If you would like to register for this workshop which can be used for your annual G/T update, please click this link or on the form above. Hope to see you there!

Challenge Our Students with "Highbrow" Questions and avoid "Lowbrow" Thinking in the Classroom :)

How Well Do These 'Child Geniuses' Know Pop Culture? | PEOPLE
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Are You Reaching ALL of Your Classroom Parents?

Translation Upon Request

It's a proven fact that students are more successful with active parents. We all work to make contacts with parents through the phone, email, social media, and letters home but are we reaching everyone? Make sure you don't forget to send or make available Spanish versions of your outreach notes for those parents of our LEP students. Not only will this help our students but it is the LAW that we provide LEP parents with translations.

Use the following sentence on all written information to parents so they are aware that a Spanish translation is available:

Para traducción en Español de esté documento favor de contactar al Sr. /a la Sra. Your Name al 906 687 3361 Ext.Your Extension o a la Sra. Agundiz al 903 687 3361 Ext. 1221 o Ext. 1305

Thank you for encouraging parent involvement!
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