Moving to Constantinople

Why you should move to Constantinople read below!

Constantinople is the place to be!

The Features of Constantinople

It was easier to defend because it was surrounded by bodies of water. It also stood off crossroads of Asia, Europe and many over sea trade routes. They have large walls surrounding it's self to protect it form seafaring intruders. They even have an hippodrome for chariot races. Which is very rare by the way.

Life in Constantinople

The Eastern Orthodox Church was a government. The Byzantine Empire were view as the emperor but that's no it, they were also saw as the head of the government but as a living representative of god and Jesus Christ also known as the patriarch. Most people in Constantinople attended church on a regular bases. If you were poor and sick the Monetarists would care for you. After Justinian was forced to rebuild part of Constantinople he built public baths, bridges, roads, hospitals, and grand churches. Justinian Codes became the basis for many legal codes ( laws ) in the Western World. They also attended the "Hippodrome" which is a chariot race which the people in Constantinople really looked forward to.

Constantinople, Give Chance A Chance

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