Slavery - free chocolate

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Why slavery - free choclate?

When we buy chocolate, i think that we look for the cheapest. But we doesn't think about the fact that for that one chocolate strip, a lot have slaves had to work. In a lot of country's is a lot slavery. Not everybody nows it, but there really. Young children, who have to work a long day for the chocolate we ate.

What is slavery?

In a lot is counrtys is slavery a issue. People have to work hard for a boss, and they get a little bit of money. Also the children have to work, nobody had a choice. Some people sell other people, the slaves. Family will be ruined, because they have to work on a other place. Slaves have a bad life, when they doesn't listen to the boss, they will be slaped or something like that.

Tony's chocolonely

Tony's chocolonely is a idea of Teun van de Keuken. He made a special progam about slavery at the cacao-industry. Slavery at the cacao-industry is at the most in west-Africa. Chlidren where abused to work sextien houres and they didn't get any money for it. Tony made his first slavery-free chocolate strip at 2005. There came a lot of strips at the supermarket and now it is a known mark.

Tony's chocolonely cames form Tony that means Teun and chocolonely from chocolate and first slavery-free chocolate strip so lonely.