Ms. Rebecca's 2/3 Class

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Week in Review

What was a short week also a busy one! Students continued to work on individual country research projects. Getting additional resources from your local public library is a great idea. Amos showed us his book on Morocco that he checked out!

2nd and 3rd grade completed the 1st Discovery Ed test in Math this week. We will soon share the results with students and parents. This test will be a tool we use to show individual and classroom growth over the course of the school year. Both math groups will continue to work on subtraction in class. We'll learn different methods for subtracting and work on mentally calculating differences.

Reading groups are reading and learning a lot. From Japan to Poland to Egypt, the literature we are reading has us asking great questions and working on fluency too.

Writing our first Personal Narrative is coming along! We've learned how to take a broad topic and narrow it down to a small idea in order to give great detail about a time in our lives.

Coming Up...

  • Solomon is our September Star Student
  • Linoy will be our October Star Student
  • No School: Wednesday, September 23
  • No School: Mon-Tues September 28-29
  • Sukkah Hop: Wednesday, September 30 (Lunch at Miriam Esther's)

What Can Parents Do This Month?

As we learn about some countries around the world, we obviously cannot cover the entire planet. I am aware that many of our parents and families have traveled to many places around the world that our students would like to hear about.

If you would like to share photos, souvenirs, and stories about your travels, please let me know and we'll arrange for a 20-30 minute presentation you and/or your child can give one morning. We are focusing on culture around the world and the diversity of cultures. We'd enjoy hearing about your experiences!

Subtraction Across Zeros "Go Next Door"

Subtraction Across Zeros

The above is a video we watched as the 3rd Grade learns the challenging skill of Subtraction Across Zeros.

This is also a skill 2nd grade will work on, just with numbers with 3 places instead of 4.