2nd Hand News

Feb 8-12

Here's hoping that your Valentine's Day was lovely and that families (or just the kids) enjoyed the day off today. 2nd grade is post-play now, and I'm so proud of our actors for a great performance and all of their creative work. Thank you for your support with costumes, props, checking on line memorization, and soothing stage fright. The actors wrote great reflections about their experiences way off-off-off Broadway. We are back to a regular schedule and have had great luck in capturing the Winter of 2016 in our precipitation stations. Some great graphing of data should come out of our observations. If students are poking around under the cushions for change, it is because we have started studying money. The Bookworm Project is underway with students narrating their final copy with original animation. Spelling rules of oi/oy and au/aw are making their way up onto the word wall. This week, we will be joining our Big Friends on a trip to the Franklin Institute to further study our own brains.


  • Please pack a disposable, brown bag snack & lunch for your child with their name written on it.
  • Right now the weather says "cloudy" for Wednesday, but keep an eye on it in case you should send your child with rain gear.

I appreciated all of the Valentine's Day gifts and cards, they were very sweet! I'm also thankful for the time we spent together at conferences sharing about this wonderful group.

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce