March 6 -10

Our story this week: Luke Goes to Bat

Essential Question: Why is it important to keep trying even if something is difficult to do?

This week's spelling words:

night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, fry, sigh, by, why, behind, lightening

This week's vocabulary words:

practice, hurried, position, roared, extra, curb, cheered, final

Link to Youtube video of the book.

This week's learning goals


I can add and subtract fluently.

I understand place value by using ones, tens, and hundreds.

I can write three digit numbers in expanded form.

Reading/Language Arts

I can visualize a story as I read.

I can learn and utilize vocabulary words in a variety of contexts.

I can use a graphic organizer to sequence a story.

I can identify long vowel /i/ words with a variety of spelling patterns: i, igh, ie, y.

I can identify and use antonyms.

I can recognize and describe an author's purpose for using both informal and formal language in their writing.

I can use subject/verb agreement in my writing and recognize when it is incorrect in other's writing.