Come with me and explore space


Did you know going to space can affect time,WHY you ask ? because this is indicative of gravity affecting time . in fact it's immediately obvious that any clock based on the frequency of light will run at a slower rate higher up in the gravitational field. In reality, the result is far more general, though you'll need the apparatus of general relativity to see this.


Going to space can be expansive but its worth it you will see incredible things.If you want to go to space you can save up money when your small,when you grow up you will have enough to be able to go to space.In the future the price would be 250,000 dollars , but for know it is only 200,000 dollars

amusement (Fun)

When you go to space you will have a lot of because your in a place were you explore more than other people ,nebula's may look funny to you they may have a funny shape , you can see constellations...........A nebula is a is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases

The meaning of space

Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

Should we go ?

I still think we should go to space because (YOLO) space is beautiful and in don't want to dye wanting to go space.

Space suits !!!

The suit has a mass of 47 pounds without a life support backpack, and costs only a fraction of the standard USD 12,000,000 cost for a flight-rated NASA space suit.Spacesuits are specially designed to protect astronauts from the cold, radiation and low pressure in space. They also provide air to breathe.Wearing a spacesuit allows an astronaut to survive and work in space.Kevlar (material in bullet-proof vests) Nomex. All of the layers are sewn and cemented together to form the suits
Only with the cost of the space suit you should be able to figure out how MUCH it costs to got to space
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