All About McAtee

I've been teaching here since 1999! Can you believe that?!

My Beautiful Daughter, Talia!

Talia is 12 years old. We live in Williamsburg, so she goes to Williamsburg Junior High. She will be a 7th Grader this year. She loves volleyball, and soccer. She hopes to run track this year.

I Love Teaching 5th Grade!

I grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota. I attended Iowa State University.... Go Cyclones! I taught K-6 Spanish part-time at St. Cecilia Elementary while I worked at Target. I got my first teaching job in Marshalltown teaching 6th Grade Bilingual. I loved it! I love teaching 5th Grade, and know we will have a FANTASTIC year! Bring on the fun!

Our Scandinavian Adventure: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Russia


5th Graders Rock!

As a 5th grader, you will be in charge of our recycling program. You get the opportunity to participate in Band if you want to. We pick our all-school tie dye colors. We have a can drive. We spend an overnight at Crooked Creek. We go to Des Moines... and many, many more things!

I am looking forward to a great year with all of you.

Contact Me Anytime

I am here for you! I am here to help you, guide you, teach you, and help you have the best year you have ever had. Please feel free to contact me!