Dalis Partners, LLC

Circuit Breaker Solutions for Electrical Installation

Dalis Partners, LLC is the company offering international customer support along the entire chain of energy transformation. The availability of electricity is essential for economic development and quality of life. We are a leading independent Switchgear Manufacturer company, presents a wide range of products, solutions and knowledge for transmission and electric power distribution.

Dalis Partners, LLC is the company founded by Mandell Dalis, in 1972. The company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of electrical connection elements for low voltage. Today, our company is a leader in PACS Industry and has a strong position in the international arena. Our production is aimed at two specific markets: low-voltage electrical installations and lighting fixtures equipment manufacturing. This concentration has allowed us to develop optimum solutions for each type of use, through a comprehensive study and monitor developments and trends in each market.

We offer a wide range of PACS Switchgear and Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) and gas-insulated (GIS) solutions. As global market leader, we assumes responsibility for providing power switches meet the most varied ecological conditions, technical and economic conditions of the various countries around the world. Our global manufacturing network offer switches products according to customer specifications on short delivery times. We are happy to receive your feedback, questions and their comments. Do not hesitate to contact us through our website Dalispartners.com, Here you will find many Switchgear and Protection that you can get at the best price.