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The Opportunity

Almost every business in the United States that has employees needs some kind of workers' compensation insurance. Most states (with a few important exceptions) essentially require employers to purchase an insurance policy to handle their statutory obligations to workers who are injured or made ill due to a workplace exposure. Whether your clients business' are small or large, handling the expense and effort of meeting those statutory obligations is an ever-present challenge.

Just like with other forms of insurance, annual workers compensation rates fluctuate depending on what type of business is being insured, how many people are employed, and a number of other factors. Businesses are constantly growing or downsizing and because of that, their workers compensation needs change too. This opens the door for companies like us to assess a businesses current situation and tailor a policy that meets their needs and often times, saves them money.

So how does it work?

  • Fill out a simple online form with your clients information
  • Send it to us so we can obtain quotes
  • When we send out the quote and your client decides to , we'll give you $250

A little bit about us

BIA Insurance Agency is a full service, all inclusive commercial insurance company. Founded in 2008, we are one of the fastest growing insurance providers in Southern California and underwrite approximately a million dollars of premiums every month.

We aggressively shop the industry every year to make certain our clients are being offered the policy that is best suited for their unique business operations with the lowest possible premium. Many of our new clients have been referred to us by our satisfied clients.

All of our quotes are underwritten from insurance companies who are A rated (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company(http://www.ambest.com). A.M. Best, is an organization that rates insurance companies by assessing their financial strength, performance and quality of overall services.

Our team of insurance consultants in the Tarzana office has in-house authority to issue same day Certificates of Liability and Waiver of Subrogation for additional insured per our client’s requests. All certificates are free of charge without limitations on the number of requests. Our client’s payroll activity is constantly monitored on a quarterly basis so their policy could be adjusted accordingly and we do not charge any fees for our services.

On average, we have saved our clients more than 40% on their premiums. We underwrite all aspects of commercial insurance policies, such as Workers Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Group Health, Commercial and Personal Property, Umbrella & Excess as well as other policies.

If you have any questions, please contact Kendall Holliday at 800-242-1922 ext 424 or kendall@biainsuranceagency.com