Week 34 in First Grade

May 9 - 13

Thank you!

The first grade teachers felt so much love and appreciation late week from so many students. They were so excited to bring in their treats and letters. Teaching is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs around. We feel very lucky to be a part of the Dooley Family. Thanks again!

STAAR Testing - Campus Closed to visitors

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will be taking the STAAR test. On these days, campus will be closed to all visitors and volunteers.

Thanks for your understanding.

Field Day Shirts

Order forms went home and PTA is still collecting money to go towards field day shirts. While every kids will be given a shirt, PTA is still asking for $5.00 to help keep costs down and to have funds left over for the classroom wish lists. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Final Conference Sign Up

Conference times were sent out via Bloomz. The last conference of the year, is an opportunity to discuss your child's growth over the school year and to help plan for 2nd grade success. We have posted several different days and times to help accommodate all schedules. We feel it is of great importance that we find a time to speak with each and every family.

Thank you to those who have already signed up for your child's conference! If you haven't joined your child's class yet on Bloomz.net you still have time!

Here is how to join your class:

1. Go to bloomz.net or use the link below and click “Join Bloomz”

2. In the text box, enter your child's teacher specific code

  • Boehm - XKXE8X
  • Burke - 76JX8Q
  • Johnson - G9DN3F

3. Create your account


  • STAAR Testing - No Specials; bring a device or board game
  • Lunch at 11:30


  • STAAR Testing - No Specials; bring a blanket, pillow, and favorite book


  • STAAR Testing


  • Library Day (Johnson)


  • Wear Dooley Spirit wear/Dooley Blue
  • Weekly Homework Due/Spelling Test

This Week in Literacy, students will be able to...

...look for clues to help them predict what will happen next in a story

...make inferences to have better comprehension

...write a "how to" article

...proper use of I and me

...properly write the Modern Manuscript letter: numerals and number words

Spelling Pattern: open and closed syllables

This week's Spelling City lists:

Spelling Words - U6W4

High Frequency Words - U6 High Frequency Words

This week in Math, students will be able to...

Step up to 2nd grade skills:

...understand how to represent and compare whole numbers related to place value up to the 1,000's place.

...use place value to compare and order whole numbers up to 1,200 using comparative language and symbols (<, >, and =)

...add up to 4 two-digit numbers and subtract two-digit numbers using strategies taught in 1st grade.

...connect repeated addition and subtraction to multiplication and division situations that evolve equal grouping and shares.

This week in Social Studies, students will be able to...

...explain the value of having job skills.

...write a poem about a job.

...understand the importance of a job and the skills it requires.

...speak clearly during an interview.

This week in Science, students will be able to...

...identify and compare the parts of a plant.

...identify the parts of a pollination system.

...identify ways that insects can be problems and ways that they can be used as part of solutions to problems.

Discovery Education Online At Home

Your child has access to a great resource at home: Discovery Education Online!

plano.discoveryeducation.com - will take you directily to PISD's log in screen. From there, your child can enter their school log-in and password to have direct access to all of the site's academic features. (educational videos, images, games, and passages)

Please, take some time to explore all the options!

Please Remember!!!

To ensure that your child is at the personal best when working with us, please make sure they are getting a full night's sleep. It is recommended that they get 10 -11 hours of sleep each night. For most kids that means an 8:00 pm bedtime!

Please help your child be on time to school. Our day starts promptly at 7:45! Too many kids are entering the hallway at that time and missing things because they are not in class.

Morning Drop Off

The cafeteria doors open for drop off from 7:00 a.m. At 7:20 a.m. they will be closed and your child is expected to enter from the front of the building.

Beginning at 7:20 a.m. the front doors will be opened for drop off. Prior to 7:20 a.m. your child is expected to be taken to the cafeteria.

Please do not drive off before you are assured your child has been granted access to the school by a staff member.

Security Concern

Just a reminder for the safety and security of students and staff, all visitors to coming to Dooley MUST enter through the front office.

Staff members are not allowed to let anyone in through the exterior doors at any time before, during, or after school.

Istation at Home!

Istation is back! If your child was at Dooley last year, you are already familiar with this great program. Istation offers individualized reading instruction to each and every child. Every month your child will take an assessment test. Based on their results, your child is given lessons and activities to help them better understand concepts. The more time they have in the program, the greater growth they show each and every month.

We ask that your child work in Istation for a minimum of 15 minutes at home each day.

To access the program you will need to download the program or app to your computer or tablet. (Istation is not available on android devices at this time.)

Download onto your computer: www.istation.com/IstationHome

Dowload from iTunes

Download from Google's store

Your child has a unique log in that was sent home.

Student Name: First and last name

School/Domain: dooley.plano.tx

User Name: tx###### (tx + your child's 6 digit student id number)

Password: ###### (your child's 6 digit student id number)

Please contact your child's teacher if you have difficulty with the program.

Yearbook Photos

Call all parent photographers! If you have been snapping photos from school events, please submit them to be included in our yearbook.

Go to schoolannualonline.com

Log in:

  • 2016
  • 719026
  • Staff
  • TX2016 (TX must be capital)

Click: Create

Click: Image Library

Click: Portraits

  • Then click on the FOLDER name that you want to place your photos in

Click: Upload on the right side of the page.

If you need any help contact Renee Carson - carsoncrew05@gmail.com


Our homework goal is to provide reading, spelling, and math practice Monday through Thursday that does not exceed 30 minutes. Please make sure that our child returns all parts of the homework to school daily.

  • Reading: (15 minutes) It is important at this stage of reading development to monitor as your child reads aloud from his/her assigned book(s) and paper stories. Use the word sort sheet for quick drill.

  • All homework books must be returned daily.

  • Spelling: (5-10 minutes) Please give your child oral and written practice with the weekly spelling list. There will a spelling test on Fridays, which will include up to two sentences of dictation. Starting second semester students will be tested on their understanding of the weekly spelling patterns and high frequency words.

  • Math: (10 minutes) In the front pocket of your child's binder you will find one math review sheet to be completed by Friday.

Please read and initial your child’s homework sheet daily.

The homework sheet can also be used as a means to keep you informed of weekly events, and as a place for you to communicate with the teachers.

Upcoming Events

Pete The Cat: May 24

Mark your calendars for first grade's annual performance of Pete the Cat. More information will be coming home as we get closer to the event.

Field Day: Thurs. May 26

Volunteers will be needed for Dooley's annual Field Day. Please see your child's Thursday packet for more information.

Conference Day: Friday, May 27

Teachers will be sending home a link to their online schedules in the near future. This day is a student holiday.

Student Holiday: Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30

Students will have a 4 day weekend as we enter the last week of school!

Citizenship Assembly: Tuesday, May 31 @ 7:50 am

Parents are invited to come to the final citizenship assembly of the school year.

End of the Year Parties: Thursday, June 2

Details will be sent home closer to the party date.

Last Day of School: Friday, June 3

This will be an early release day. School gets out for the last time at 12:00 pm!

Events this Week