Super Second Grade News

Back To School

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school! We have had a great time getting back to a school routine here! It's a breathe of fresh air for me to get back into a routine. We are a special group as we are a looping team! We have all of the same students as we did in first grade- together again with me to complete second grade.

Something new this year is that Mrs. Wilkie and I will be co-teaching during literacy time. Mrs. Wilkie is a special education teacher here at ERES. We are lucky enough to have her for a while each morning. Mrs. Wilkie and I will be meeting with Book Club groups for guided reading and specialized instruction at each individual group's level. Therefore your child will meet with a teacher for atleast 30 minutes each day to work on specialized instruction with a small group. We are very excited about this opportunity as it gives students more time with a teacher, teaching at a level that will both challenge and nurture their curiosities.

We have jumped right into addition and subtraction review. Basic computational skills are very important as we will start to get into double and triple digit numbers as the year goes on. That foundational knowledge of basic math facts is very important and something you can practice at home. So far we have simply covered addition number sentences and joining stories as well as subtraction number sentences and stories about separating.

During literacy time we have been busy, busy, busy! We have been exploring our writing by making lists. We have reviewed short vowels, words with SH, words with CH, nouns, pronouns, possessives, and TCH endings vs. CH endings. Did you know that when a short vowel comes before the CH sound in a word you need to add a T? Just like in the word CATCH. And lastly, in small group book clubs we are exploring friendship with Frog and Toad Together. Next week we will start Nate the Great.

Memory Words for this week are: me, my, she, her, he, his, we, our, they, their, you and your. Your student should be able to read and recognize these words in print and be able to spell them in their writing. Make flash cards on index cards and practice at home.

How much sleep does my child need?

Getting back into the school routine is both tough and tiring on the kids. i have seen a lot of sleepy eyes and faces the last few days. Sleep research and the sleep foundation recommends that children between the ages of 6-9 get between 10-11 hours of sleep each evening. Adjusting appropriate bedtimes based on their wake up time is important. If kids are tired at school it becomes difficult for them to maintain relationships with peers and adults not to mention the mental demands of an academic day. Please support your child by helping them develop a healthy bedtime routine. Visit my sleep needs link above for more information and tips on bedtime.

Where can you reach me?

715-479-6471 ext. 3211