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March 15, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Shawna Leeper

Shawna is one of our Payroll, Insurance, & Benefits Secretaries on 3rd floor. She has been in the district for 12 years. She can be reached by email and 489-7009. I can't link the webpages from our Staff portion of the website since that area requires a login, but if you need certain forms -- be sure to check Staff>Sign In>Payroll & Benefits. Their page will be going under some changes in the next few weeks to assist you in finding what you need!

Her responsibilities include:

*Board Treasurer -- which means she is the custodian of all monies belonging to the district, and gives detailed reports to the Board indicating monies received and disbursed.

*Custodian of Records -- she keeps track of pretty much everything on the business end of what happens in the district.

*For employees directly, she can help you with insurance questions, voluntary deductions, benefits, and more. For instance, if you need to make a name change or have a baby, you'd contact Shawna.

*She handles the social security, retirement, and W2 information for all staff. (not comprehensive -- there's more, but you get the idea!)

*Surveys -- organizations, the Board, and superintendents call on Shawna often to gather data about our district. She compiles demographic data, statistics, and more to give them the information they need to learn more about "who we are."

Wellness Update

Health Screenings and HRA Notifications (Deadline March 31st 2016)

If you have not completed your health screening or online health assessment, you will receive an email notification from Abby Carter, the Wellness Coordinator. Email notifications will go out weekly on Thursdays until the deadline 3/31/16. For more information on the requirements to avoid the $20 premium increase on your monthly health insurance for 2017, please visit the BSD Wellness Site.

Conscious Discipline Column

Betsy Warren, BOSCO's Mental Health Professional, will be sending me Conscious Discipline clips to add to the Rundown each week. If you have a photo of something that is working in your classroom, send it my way, too!

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive, research-based approach designed to improve both your life and the connections you build with students. It empowers you with the self-awareness and useable skills necessary to create a safe, connected, problem solving classroom. Conscious Discipline is unique from other classroom approaches because it defines discipline as not something we do to students, but something we develop within them. Conscious discipline addresses the behavior first, and then teaches a new, acceptable skill. It will transform your relationships with students in your classroom and will provide results that will carry over into every aspect of their academics.

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