Mrs Richmond's Newsletter

3rd Grade - Week 12 11/16/15


MATH - We wrapped up perimeter and the class took their unit test in geometry and perimeter. The whole class got above 75% which is amazing!! Most children received an 80% or above. We will keep using these skills in morning work to ensure they remember it throughout the year.

READING - We started to look at the main problems in our novel 'Chocolate Touch' and why these are problems. We discussed how this affects the characters in the story and how the problem builds.

*** Please can you ensure your child has their guided read book in school at all times, as we do use them for classroom activities. I am finding that I set work for the children to do and some are not completing that work during the week. It really does help your child with the third grade skills.

SCIENCE - We swapped classes and your child is working with Ms Natoli on a plants unit.


MATH: This week is the start of MULTIPLICATION! This is a HUGE part of third grade and is the first time they have been taught this skill. It is really important that you support your child in learning their times tables, as they will most certainly need to use them quickly and efficiently during the year. They have been given a multiplication square to use in class and will be given flashcards for each table we complete in class.

READING: Our focus is on summarizing important events in a story, determining the central message/theme and character motives. This will bring our chocolate touch study to an end. We have really enjoyed using this book in our lessons.

SCIENCE: Working with Ms Natoli.

** Homework - Please sign your child's agenda on a daily basis to show that your child has completed that night's homework. I expect homework to be turned in on time. Every Monday we write all the homework in our agenda so we know when it is due in. Also, please try and let your child do the homework by themselves, but then check it over with them. We go through homework every day so the children are aware of how they should answer the questions.


A big thanks to Mr Lyons for coming in and speaking to the class about being a Veteran. He brought some really interesting photographs and answered all our questions. It was a pleasure to have him in our class. He even stayed and ate lunch with us!!!
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Mrs Natoli has given your child a science revision guide that they must study each night this week. It is an important test that will be graded to see what they have learned about plants and soil in her class. The class were asked to record this in their agenda today.

BAT Responses

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We have started to teach how to do written reading responses. In the next couple of weeks, your child will be set one question a week to respond to using their guided read book. They will have a BAT response notebook with examples and questions glued in. They will also have a set of questions in their agenda, in case they misplace their BAT notebook. These responses are very important and will be graded on a weekly basis. These will help immensely with mclass assessments and with their comprehension. If you have any questions about these, or would like to meet after school to discuss them, please email me.


Each week your child meets with me in a guided read group. I will set your child an activity to do during the week which will need to be completed by the next time we meet.

A few children are not being responsible for their guided read books and are leaving them at home. Or they are not completing the activities. These activities help to build on the skills we are learning in class and will help them throughout the year. Please encourage your child to be responsible for getting their work done and brought into school on time.

Thank you


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Forms for Camp Thunderbird have now been sent out in your child's Wednesday Folder. Please sign and return the form to let me know if your child will/will not be joining us. If you wish for your child to attend, please also attach a check for $25 as a deposit by Friday 4th December. This will allow us to plan ahead for numbers and buses. Thank you

25 Book Challenge

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Thank you for those of you who signed the book challenge sheet. This is beginning this week and I really hope your child participates in this challenge!!


Please save your box tops and turn them in at any point during the term!

There was a much better collection of box tops this time! Thank you so much to everyone who brought them in. The next collection will be December 11th.

Thank you again for supporting our school.


11.19.15 - End of grading period

11.19.15 - Red Cross Blood Drive

11.24.15 - Plug in for a cure $2

11.25.15-11.27.15 - Thanksgiving

12.02.15 - Report cards issued