Empty Frames Photography

"Beautiful Simplicity"

Our new line of shoots need models! "Beautiful Simplicity" is our very first stream of themed shoots, designed to extract the cultural idea(s) of sensual lust and display the aesthetics of a more simple and elegant genre of photography. We are open to all interested models! No previous modeling experience required!

Meet Our Photographer!

Spencer Bunting is a local entrepreneur, pursuing his ongoing passion for arts and music. He has photographed for various events, including both ceremonial and recreational. Equipped with a team of loyal and diligent assistants, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure a fun shoot environment and produce quality photographs. He is also a fan of social networking! So, look him up on Facebook and Twitter!

Contact Empty Frames Photography!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our previous shoots, print orders, or future projects.